Gluten-free Bombay Chutney is a Indian side dish which pairs good with Idly, crispy Dosa, Chapati and Poori. The scrumptious and spicy Bombay Chutney is simple and easy to make in few minutes. This flavourful chutney is highly popular in Mumbai Maharashtra and in down South especially in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in road side tiffin centers. There are many variations of this chutney and each home makes it differently.PREPARATION TIME : 5 minutesCOOKING TIME         : 15 minutesINGREDIENTS: (serves 4 persons)Gram flour/besan/kadala maavu   - 4 spoonsOnion medium size                          - 2Tomato medium size                        - 1Green chillies                                     - 4Red chilli powder                              - 1 spoonTurmeric powder                              - 1/2 spoonGaram masala                                   - 1/4 spoonMustard seeds                                - 1/2 spoonUrad dal                                              - 1 spoonJeera/…

RAW ONION CHUTNEY (Pacha vengaya chutney)

Flavorful Raw onion chutney is super quick and easy to prepare with few ingredients. Since it is simple to prepare there is no compromise in taste…it is absolutely yum!. It pairs good with idly and dosa varieties. For making healthier I used nattu sakkarai. The Nattu sakkarai has numerous therapeutic properties and is rich in iron. The Nattu sakkarai purifies blood, treats menstrual problems, prevents anemia and improves digestion. That’s why including nattu sakkarai in part of your diet is highly recommended.PREPARATION TIME : 1 minuteCOOKING TIME         : 1-2 minutesINGREDIENTS: (serves 3 persons)Onion medium size       - 3Red chillies                     - 5Grated Coconut             - 3 spoonsNattu sakkarai                - 1 spoonTamarind                         - 1 small pieceSaltWaterFor Tempering:Mustard seeds                    - 1/2 spoonUrad dal                               - 1 spoonAsafoetida powder/hing   - 2 pinchCurry leaves                        - 4-5 leavesSesame O…


Thengai Paal Sadham(Coconut Milk Veg Pulao) is a deliciously aromatic, mildly spiced and tasty one pot rice dish that is easy to prepare. It is a superb lunch box recipe and pairs well with raita or any spicy gravy of your choice. Usually we don’t add any vegetables in this rice, but I added some vegetables like carrot, beans, peas and potato to make it more healthier and colorful. The coconut milk improves digestion, relieves constipation ad lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.PREPARATION TIME : 10 minutesCOOKING TIME     : 15 minutesINGREDIENTS: (serves 4 persons)Basmati rice                             - 1 and 1/2 cupCoconut milk                            - 3 cupsOnion medium size                 - 2Tomato medium size              - 1Green chillies                           - 4Carrot                                        - 1Beans                                        -  6 to 8Green Peas                               - 1/4 cupPotato medium size                - 1Red chilli powd…


South Indian style Potato masala is one of the easiest masalas that can be made, and pairs good with South Indian breakfast recipes like poori, dosa, idly and chapati or roti. The yummy colourful potato masala has nice aroma and it is everyone’s favourite. The potato masala/curry can be made in "n" number of ways with slight variations.PREPARATION TIME : 10 minutesCOOKING TIME        : 25 minutesINGREDIENTS: (serves 4 persons)Potato medium size         - 4Onion medium size          - 3Tomato medium size       - 2Green chillies                    - 2Red chilli powder             - 3 spoonsGaram masala                  - 1 spoonTurmeric powder             - 1/2 spoonGinger garlic paste           - 1 spoonWater                                 - 700 mlsaltTo Temper:Oil                            - 3 spoonsMustard seeds      - 1/2 spoonUrad dal                  - 1 spoonChanna dal             - 1 spoonCurry leaves           - 6-8Bay leaf                   - 1Cinnamon stick      -…


Red rice sweet puttu is a healthy and delicious dish which is made quickly and easily with few ingredients. It can be served as sweet along with breakfast or we can have it for evening snacks too. It is loved by all ages. The red rice puttu (salt version) is low in calories and helps to lose weight. Red rice is also very rich in essential nutrients, iron, vitamin, phosphorus and fiber. PREPARATION TIME : 5 minutesCOOKING TIME         : 15 minutesINGREDIENTS: (serves 3 persons)Red Rice flour        - 1 cup (250 ml)Grated coconut     - 1/2 cup (125 ml)Sugar                       - 1/4 cup (62.5 ml)Ghee                       - 2 spoonsWaterDIRECTIONS:1. Get ready with all the ingredients.
2. Take red rice flour in a mixing bowl. Sprinkle water little by little to the flour and mix well until it turns crumbly.

3. When you try to hold the puttu flour in hand it has to form shape and when given little pressure it has to crumble. This is the correct consistency of puttu flour.
4. Add the puttu f…


Idli sambar/tiffin sambar recipe is a easy, quick and delicious south Indian recipe made using toor dal and freshly prepared sambar powder. This lip-smacking tiffin sambar serves good with idlis, dosa varieties, vada and mini idli/ghee idli. Its my family's favourite recipe so i make it often. The freshly prepared sambar powder gives nice taste and flavour to the sambar. PREPARATION TIME : 10 minutesCOOKING TIME         : 25 minutesINGREDIENTS: (serves 4 persons)Small onion                 - 15-20 piecesTomato large size       - 1Green chillies              - 4Tamarind extract        - 200 mlBoiled toor dal            - 1/2 cupCarrot                           - 1Potato medium size   - 1Beans                           - 6-8Turmeric powder       - 1/2 spoonOil                                 - 2 spoonsWater                           - 600 mlsaltFor sambar powder:Red chillies                              - 8Dhaniya/coriander seeds     - 5 spoonsChanna dal/kadala parupu   - 1 spoonUrad…